Sambhic trades in a wide range of commodities and raw materials. Headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E., our commodity experts with combined industry experience of 55 years are placed in offices and agencies spanning Shanghai, Mersin, Johannesburg and Sohar. Our operations are focused on growing output in emerging frontier markets in West Asia and Africa; to build off our dominant presence in China and Gulf Countries.

Having a global team with trade operations across 8 countries, Sambhic connects all our stakeholders with an inclusive growth model and a shared vision.


People are a company's greatest asset. Setting a benchmark to employ the smartest and most diverse group of people is as important as the roles they fill and excel in.

In accord with our emphasis on employee equity, Sambhic is privately-owned by its management. Utilizing the established positions and networks of our associates, we are strongly founded on the business philosophies of kaizen and TQM (Total Quality Management).


Connecting with our consumers, suppliers, and other potential affiliates is a priority that is compensated for by our diverse set of associates and international establishment.

Sambhic Resources operates under a geographical organizational structure, enabling individuals to utilize their expertise in specific areas and fortifying our domestic relations. Allocating our human resources based on their culture-specific experience and understanding, and transformational leadership ability; we aim to manage our growth directly, sourced from our Dubai headquarters.


Growth is an inarguable goal, not only in a monetary regard, but one that highlights a socially-responsible focus; furthermore, representing a blueprint for this organization’s future as well as that of our industry.

Maintaining optimal relationships with our clients and suppliers is our core concern, regardless of operational growth. Given greater resources, we aim to emphasize this aspect of our business even further, creating a path for other constituents of our industry to follow.

In the following stages of growth, we aim to employ horizontal integration to expand our scale of operations, furthering our ability to provide for our clients. In accord, we align our monetary interests with that of consumer satisfaction, and target improvement in both areas.