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Natural Chrome Ore

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Oman (Lumps, Chips and Fines) Basis 22-40% Cr2O3
South Africa (ROM, Lumps) Basis 34-42% Cr2O3
Turkey (Lumps) Basis 34-42% Cr2O3

Chrome Ore Concentrate

Low-grade Chrome ore is not usable in making Ferro Chrome. Thus in line with the principles of Mineral Conservation, Chrome concentrate is made from the beneficiation of low grade ore. We currently offer the following in the sizes of 0-1mm/0-2mm/0-4mm/0-6mm:

South Africa Basis 38-44% Cr2O3
South Africa (Refractory) Basis 44-46% Cr2O3
Turkey Basis 44-48% Cr2O3

Manganese Ore

Manganese ore is used to produce Manganese alloys, which are used as a deoxidizer for steel. This makes the steel harder, without making it more brittle.
We currently offer the following:

South Africa Mn 34-44%
Zambia Mn 45-50%


South Africa (Lumps and Fines) Basis 47% Cr Min.
Oman (Lumps and Fines) Basis 50% Cr Min.